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Sydney ⌲ Currently in Berlin

Work : Mobile Video

Lighter, ubiquitous tools; People telling their own stories; Casual video; Automated video; Video as a tool, a weapon, a safety device.

How to build the future of video for people on the move?

App One


Lighter, faster filmmaking.
The power of a Pro Video Camera all in your phone.

Featured worldwide on the App Store.

"Intuitive, take control over shooting your footage." - Yahoo

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  • Citizen Science Hack: Dust Nose Sensor Hardware & App Read more ⇢


We’re independent app makers developing useful tools that respect individuals and their creative process.

Our partnership started with internships at the Computer Science & Mechanical Engineering departments at Purdue University, USA. Continued on through Australia and now Berlin; Moving through the arts, tech and now specifically apps.

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